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We are a one-of-a-kind campground, located at the foot hills of the Sierra Madre, just 3.5 miles (5 km) off Oaxaca centre.
                       - What makes us so special? -

  • the location. On our 18.000 m2 campground located at aprox. 1.700m above sea level you can enjoy
    a panoramic view over Oaxaca while breathing the fresh mountain air of San Felipe del Agua.
  • we have plenty of space for tents as well as for RV's. Currently we have 6 sites with full-hook up (water, sewer,  electricity), 8 sites with water and enough dry sites for the more adventurous campers amongst you.
  • Free high speed WiFi-Access
  • besides the campground we have apartments for rent (click here for more information)
  • the "downtown shuttle" (local bus) stops right in front of our gate and it even brings you to the
    Oaxaca airport (in 500 m walking distance) with excellent flight connections, if you like.
  • to keep the rates low, we introduced SELF-SERVICE - for our amenities (flush toilets, hot shower),
    meaning that all campers share the duty of keeping them clean & running.
  • we offer the place & you provide the service (consultants would call it a win-win situation). As we
    share the tasks amongst us, we have very competitive rates (click here for the rates)
  • last but not least we are a Mezcal manufacturer, we sell Mezcal and offer tours of our
    Mezcal production (please visit www.ScorpionMezcal.com)

What are you waiting for? Saddle your "horse" and come along
                               - ¡Hasta luego! -