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There are quite a few stories around on how to find us and how easy it is to get here with a big rig. We cannot tell you how big it depends on a number of different factors. But what we can do is showing you 2 different routes for coming to us. One is suitable for campers up to 23 feet while the other one has no length limit. Please be aware that the “no limit” road is NOT mentioned on any available map so far BUT you can see it for instance on Google Maps (satellite photo only). Because of that we have created the route manually on the map. If you use the GPS-route (gpx-file) we have prepared your are doing fine.

We tried to make it as easy as possible to find us. Therefore, we offer a number of different ways getting you to San Felipe Campground.

Campers with GPS

If you are lucky, having a GPS you can feed with routes, just download the How-to_get_here.gpx file from our Download site and transfer it to your GPS device. The gpx-format of the file makes sure it can be digested by almost every GPS device.

If you are a hardliner who likes Geocaching or finding us on your own, great. Just enter our coordinates into your GPS or get the appropriate waypoints from our Download site and keep going . The coordinates are in WGS 84 format (Lat/Lon hddd°mm'ss.s") N17 06 32.1 W96 42 47.2

Campers without GPS

If you are no friend of all those “funny” electronic gadgets. No problem, make sure you have Acrobat Reader &
a printer installed and download the corresponding files from our Download site.

                                                               "How_U_get_here_All Campers.pdf"
                                                               "How_U_get_here_Campers up to 23 feet.pdf"

Curious campers

If you like to know where this amazing campground is before you even show up. Well, if you have installed
Google Earth on your PC, just get the files "San Felipe Campground.kml" or "San Felipe Campground.kmz"
from our Download site. Please take into consideration that the satellite photo is from 2002 ;-)