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Oaxacan Mezcal

Mezcal is an alcoholic beverage, a predecessor to tequila, from Oaxaca, Mexico - official home of the best quality 100% agave mexican mezcal spirits. Caballeros Inc. is a company dedicated to importing a comprehensive line of mezcal from Mexico to the USA.
Quality mezcal or quantity tequila?.... Just think Quality, Mezcal!

Mezcal has been in production for 400 years and is a traditional Mexican alcoholic beverage. The exciting world of mezcal spirits in Oaxaca is as mystical as it is savage - like a diamond in the rough. Caballeros took on the job of polishing part of this diamond and has a multifaceted gleaming line of fine mezcal spirits for your enjoyment. Douglas French, was driven to design his own line of mezcals. He spearheads this effort and oversees the quality control.

We make the traditional natural mezcal which, unlike most tequila, is made from 100% agave. We only use agave, water and firewood to produce their mezcal. It doesn't get more natural or any better. Doug teamed up with a Oaxacan master distiller and set up a mezcal distillery where he works directly with the indigenous Zapotec mezcaleros to make a delicious mezcal significantly superior to tequila. This production is all done in the single village of San Agustin de las Juntas, Oaxaca, Mexico. We distil mezcal from the finest agave varieties in a small artisanal distillery (this is called a "Palenque" by mexicans) making the best quality mezcal.

The product line up:
Scorpion Mezcal (Double-Distilled):

*Rested (6 months)
*Aged 1 year
*Aged 3 years
*Aged 5 years
*Aged 7 years

Every bottle comes with a Scorpion. 

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