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The Quality of Oaxacan mezcal

The basic single palenque product is a clear double-distilled mezcal called "Silver" or "Minero" mezcal. Our brand name for this quality of mezcal is "Scorpion" and according to many aficionados this is the most important type of mezcal and has its own distinct flavor. Even between distinct palenques there are variations in bouquet depending on factors such as the season in which the maguey is harvested, the soil that the maguey grew in and the amount of sun or shade the plant received. There are about 26 different types of agave that can be used to make mezcal, therefore defining 8 different flavor groups. Whereas tequila is produced from only one agave variety - tequilana weber azul.  

The cooking may be a little hotter or cooler which gives a different taste to each batch. The process of production creates an exquisite selection of batches of which every one is unique. The white (or silver) mezcals are in their roughest and wildest stage of flavor; strong, very complex, abundantly agave, peppery, smoky, some dryer or sweeter and very aromatic.

Aged Mezcal

All of these categories of mezcal are then rested and aged for different lengths of time in white oak barrels. Small lot palenque production is chosen and barreled individually to preserve the differences of each batch. Our mezcal is therefore, selected according to the customer's request. A barrel yields 20 to 25 cases of product. Each batch will have a different flavor. There are rarely more than 25 to 50 barrels of one batch. We offer small batch bottlings of this fine liquor in all of our range of qualities.

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