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Mezcal with the worm - forget it! What about mezcal with a scorpion?

Another one of our distinguishing features is that all of our range of quality mezcals comes with a scorpion. Yes, mezcal with a real scorpion in the bottle and it doesnt only taste good but also makes a great novelty gift. What's more, for the Zodiac faithfulls out there, you could buy a bottle for yourself or for a fellow Scorpio.

Most mezcals have a worm and "the Guys" think that they are real macho eating the worm. Are you macho enough to eat a scorpion?

Worms or scorpions with your mezcal, Sir?

One asks, Why a scorpion in the mezcal? Where did that idea come from? Well, Doug has been known to enjoy his mezcal from time to time. We can only assume that is how he had the crazy idea of putting a scorpion in the mezcal instead of the traditional worm. Doug says, "It's time to separate the men from the boys". This kind of tough, tropical, spicey-firey approach is part of our philosophy and we aim to deliver this excitement and fire in the product itself. Become a believer, try eating the scorpion!

Our customers have made the following comments about the scorpion. We do not endorse these views and will respond to them here:Customer: "It puts hair on your chest".
Doug: "Hmmm? I wonder if it might work for my receding hair line...?"
C: "It's hallucinogenic".
D: "We recommend to this enthusiast not to drink so much in the future."
C: "It's an aphrodisiac".
D: "Probably just an over-sexed customer, but hmmm…I wonder if it could replace viagra?"
C: "It's disgusting!"
D: "Gee wiz, it's just one of Mother Natures' little creatures, What's the big deal? Chill out!!!"

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved our scorpion as being no more harmful than any other food product that can be consumed. We do not recommend eating the scorpion but if consumed please chew it up adequately before swallowing it.

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